St. Mina The Wonderworker

St. Mina The Wonderworker

St. Mina was born to a faithful Christian woman named Euphemia in the year 285 A.D.  She was unable to bear children, so she decided to go to church on the feast of St Mary to pray concerning this issue. She saw all the young kids at the church, wept and cried to the icon of St. Mary to intercede on her behalf so that she may bare a son. Miraculously she then heard St. Mary’s voice coming from the icon saying the word “Amen.”  She then chose the name Mena for him as it was related to the word Amen.

Growing up his dad died at the age of 11 and his mother died just 3 years later. He was then put in his father’s position in the army as they were well loved. Emperor Diocletian issued a decree that all people should worship idols. He then left the army and went into the wilderness to devote his life to God. One day he heard a voice saying, “He who toils for the name of Christ shall receive these crowns.” He then returned to the city and the emperor tried tirelessly to convert him from his faith. When torturing’s and other terrible things did not work, he ordered him to death by beheading and thus he received the crown of martyrdom.

St. Mina’s sister came and took the body and while on the boat returning from this journey they were troubled by the sea. St. Mina’s sister prayed to the Lord through the
intercession of her brother and this tribulation completely stopped. St. Mina’s body was put on a camel and when it reached a certain point the camel refused to move. They beat the camel over and over and it did not move. They then got a different camel and put the body on it and tried to move and the same result happened. They then realized this was the place the Lord wanted the body of St. Mina to stay, they brought a coffin and buried him in that place as it was the Lords will.

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