Church History

Come learn about the rich Coptic history of Egypt and hear stories that begin with the introduction of Christianity in Egypt in the 1st century AD to the present day!
St. Mark, one of the twelve apostles appointed by Jesus, brought Christianity to Egypt in the year 42 AD.

St. Mark first preached to Anianos, a shoemaker, who pierced his hand while repairing St. Mark’s sandal. Anianos and his family became the first converts, and Christianity spread and became widely accepted among Egyptians. St. Mark ordained Anianos as Bishop and ordained priests and deacons. The substantial success of St. Mark’s evangelism led to persecution of Christians by the people of the city, and eventually to St. Mark’s own martyrdom. Today, the Coptic Church treasures and keeps the apostolic teachings and traditions of the Early Church and continues to offer martyrs in the face of persecution.

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