Learn about Coptic Culture
22-23 October 2022
We The Copts

The Coptic people are a small group of Christians from the Middle East originating from Alexandria, Egypt and whose traditions date back to some of the earliest days of Christianity. Although most Copts live in Egypt and contribute to less than a quarter of it’s population, there are approximately one million Copts living throughout the world. Being a minority in Christianity, our hope is to uphold our long-standing traditions while still being integral members of our modern day communities. Our goal is to teach our community about who we are and to celebrate our people, history and faith.

Fun Facts:

  • Coptic Christians are direct descendants of Ancient Egyptians and Coptic was the spoken language for many, many years!!! Unfortunately, the Coptic language is now only spoken during our liturgical services.
  • Our church and traditions are over 1,000 years old and have been passed down many generations.
The Tour Schedule

Come take a tour of our church and learn about the different symbolism and rituals of our Mass services and prayers.

Each Presentation Includes:

Church Tour – 15 min
Church history – 15 min
Orthodox dogma – 10 min
Coptic culture – Language, Music and art – 10 min
Coptic Church in North America – 10 min
Choir Presentation – 10 min
Deacon Presentation – 10 min

Day 1 - Saturday, Oct 22, 2022

Activities will start at 11:00am through 7:00pm

Presentation 1:    11:00am
Presentation 2:     1:00pm
Presentation 3:     3:00pm
Presentation 4:     5:00pm

Day 2 - Sunday, Oct 23, 2022

Activities will start at 12:00pm through 6:00pm

Presentation 1:    12:00pm
Presentation 2:     2:00pm
Presentation 3:     4:00pm
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