St. Athanasius The Apostolic

St. Athanasius The Apostolic

Saint Athanasius was the 20th Patriarch of Alexandria and is remembered as the defender of the Orthodox Faith.

He was born in the year 297 A.D. to righteous Orthodox Christian parents, who raised him up learning about the word of God. After a short while, he was baptized, ordained as a deacon, and taken as a disciple of Pope Alexander, the 19th Pope of Alexandria.

Pope Athanasius’ most recognized contribution to the Orthodox Church is his defense of the faith against the Arian heresy in the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. At some point, the entire world believed in that heresy. Pope Athanasius was the only remaining defender of the truth. When he was asked what he would do since the whole world was against him, he responded saying, “If the whole world is against me, I am against the world.”

He is also credited with authoring the Orthodox Creed, which can be seen written at the top of his icon. Shortly after, Pope Alexander departed, and Pope Athanasius was selected as his successor in the year 328 A.D.

While on the throne, he continued to purge the faith from any heretical thought, which resulted in him being exiled 5 times.  until his departure at the age of seventy six years. He departed in peace after he had been on the Apostolic Throne for forty five years. The blessings and prayers of this blessed saint be with us all. Amen.

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