St. Pishoy

St. Pishoy

In the fourth century, St. Pishoy was born to a family of six children in the town of Shesna in the Egyptian delta.

One day, his mother saw an angel in a dream, asking her to give one of her children to the Lord. She was very pleased and left the choice to the Lord to pick one of her children, and the Lord picked St. Pishoy. Later in his life, St. Pishoy went to the desert of Shiheet where he took his vows to monasticism.

One day, he received a promise from the Lord that He will appear to him on the mountain of Shiheet. So, he gathered the monks and told them the good news. On the appointed day, everybody was in a great hurry, rushing to see Jesus. On their way, they passed by a man who was trying to join them but had great difficulty because of his age. He stretched out his hand asking for help, but nobody stopped or gave him any attention. When St. Pishoy passed by him, he stopped and carried him on his shoulders. Gradually he started to feel that his load was becoming lighter and lighter and realized the old man was Jesus, the one everybody ignored.

St. Pishoy was known by his wisdom, strength, courage, and generosity to strangers. In the beginning of the fifth century, St. Pishoy passed away and soon after, they brought his body to his monastery in the wilderness of Shiheet. May his blessings be with us all. Amen

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