St. Abaskhiron El-Kelleny

St. Abaskhiron El-Kelleny

St. Abaskhiron was born in the city of Kellen and became one of the soldiers of the governor Arianus.

When the order to worship idols was issued by Diocletian, St. Abaskhiron exposed the emperor and cursed his idols. They locked him up in a prison and seized him in a palace located in the city of Asyut in upper Egypt. St. Abaskhiron and five other soldiers agreed to shed their blood in the name of Christ. The soldiers came before the Governor and were tortured, crucified, and their heads were cut off. St. Abaskhiron was tortured in different ways but the Lord healed him and strengthened him through all the tortures. The governor brought a sorcerer named Alexander to poison the Saint. St. Abaskhiron prayed and made the sign of the cross and proceeded to drink the poison. After no harm came to the Saint, the sorcerer was shocked and believed in God and his miracles. The Governor cut off the sorcerer’s head and he received the crown of martyrdom.

The enraged governor kept torturing the Saint and later ordered the soldiers to cut off his head, and he received the crown of martyrdom.

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