Habib Girgis

Habib Girgis

Habib Girgis was born in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1876. From an early age Habib Girgis was brought up with a religious upbringing by his mother. Once he reached secondary school, he pursued his theological studies and his proficiency and passion for the subject earned him the role of religion teacher in his final year. Once he graduated, his ability to teach and preach was extremely high.

His largest contribution to the Coptic church was his establishment of seminaries and the Sunday school system. He emphasized the studies of Arabic, English, Coptic, history, and church hymns. He also began teaching logic, philosophy, psychology, Hebrew, and Greek. He established the School for Cantors (hymnists).  His efforts to spread education among the church and his constant preaching within the church earned him the praise of the 112th Pope of Alexandria, Pope Kyrillos the 5th (Cyril V).

In addition, he founded many societies dedicated to supporting the orphans and the poor.  The effect of his actions was very noticeable with waves of youth dedicating their lives to monasticism, priesthood, and entering the service as dedicated servants. He also authored multiple books and poems. He is remembered within the Church for being a true pioneer of religious education and being a symbol of love for education. He passed away in the year 1951 A.D. after his extensive contributions.

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