Coptic Church in North America

Coptic people (Copts for short) have a relatively new beginning in North America as they began migrating here in the late 1940s.

The first Coptic Church in North America is St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church which was established in 1964 in Toronto, Canada. There are now estimated to be over one million Coptic Orthodox Christians in North America.

The first diocese established in North America is the Diocese of the Southern United States, under which Archangel Raphael Church is established. This Diocese is under the auspices of Bishop Youssef and covers 11 states.


It has established both a monastery (St. Mary and St. Moses Abbey near Corpus Christi, TX) and a convent (St. Mary and St. Demiana Convent in Dawsonville, GA) among other programs and facilities.

There are now several dioceses across the US and North America, many of which include American Coptic Churches that offer liturgical prayers and services fully in English.

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